Hi, im from australia, Maggi Aszwar and 17 years old.
I love fashion and it's my passion. Follow and i'll follow back. Thank you.

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Salut, im de l'Australie, Maggi Aszwar et 17 ans.
J'adore la mode et c'est ma passion. Suivez-le et je vais suivre le dos. Je vous remercie.

Anonymous said: Why do you hate Fashion Affection?

oky now i love her pretty much

pastelinfinity said: Why? do u even know fashionaffection? :/

capital N-O

75cats-deactivated20111212 said: Ngl, your "hate" for fashionaffection is quite pathetic...

lol for you

Anonymous said: i still love your blog xxx

i know you will kidding thank u

pastelinfinity said: how can u know fashionaffection is fake to other ppl?

her blog seems to be fake lol!

Anonymous said: do you know her personally? i think you shouldn't judge a book by its cover..just sayn'

actually no, i just thought. lol

Anonymous said: Lol. whats your problem with her, she did nothing wrong.


Anonymous said: how come you don't like fashionaffection? juuuust wondering.


Anonymous said: your a douche.


oneway-conversations said: If you don't like fashionaffection, then why do you follow/reblog from it?

I dont like her, Not her posts. K?!

Anonymous said: why dont u like fashionaffection?

She is very fake to other people, i know 

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